Gebrauchte Werkzeugmaschinen

Offer details
Rotary Table
ready for delivery
FCA (D-90441 Nuernberg)
on request
Technical details
520 mm
1000 kg
270 mm
420 mm
4xT-Nuten 18
6x Justier 30 mm
360 Grad
90Grad ca. 5 sec
0,80 t
1,00 x 0,60 x H0,50 m
Additional information
This is an automatic part table.
Faceplate and lower table via toothed pair positively and non-positively connected.
Clamping and lifting of the teeth via double-acting hydraulic cylinder in the center of the table.
Face plate via hollow pins in the hydraulic cylinder axially and radially rotatable roller bearings.
Possible partial positions determined by the number of teeth of the face gear. 360 teeth 1 degree division.
Lift off the faceplate during the part movement 5mm.
Round table is equipped with an additional table.

Technical details and information subject to amendments and errors.


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