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Offer details
Tool Grinder - Universal
ready for delivery
FCA (D-90441 Nuernberg)
on request
Technical details
12 mm
150 mm
200 mm
0 - 180 °
0 - 60 °
5000 U/min
0,25 kW
0,03 t
0,40 x 0,30 x 0,30 m
Additional information
K111 with engraving cutter (equipment01)
Engraving cutters with profiles 1-15 made of HSS or carbide, small turning
slicer or push chisel, as well as similar tools such as pointed drill, can be
exactly grind or sharpen with this equipment.
The engraving cutter with built-in counterweight is placed
to the support of the basic unit by means of a guiding groove.
Largest drilling of the pliers 17.5 mm, number of notches of the dividing disc
largest lateral displacement of the cutter holder 10mm, largest
Longitudinal displacement of the cutter holder 40mm, large adjustable
relieve grinding angle 60 degrees. Complete manual available.

Technical details and information subject to amendments and errors.


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