Gebrauchte Werkzeugmaschinen

Offer details
Washing Unit - Chamber
ready for delivery
FCA (D-90441 Nuernberg)
on request
Technical details
1000 mm
1000 mm
1000 mm
max. 80 °C
250 l
3 x 6,00 kW
20,00 kW
0,80 t
2,00 x 2,00 x H2,50 m
Additional information
The machine is used for manual cleaning and treatment of components.
The spray nozzles can be switched on by turning on the pump and closing the doors
be used and the sprayer by pressing the tap.
The medium can be heated by a heater.
This spray booth is for manual cleaning of parts only
using aqueous cleaning media and the addition of

Cleaning agents through the use of a manually guided spray gun.
Another or additional use with other components or
Non-aqueous media is not allowed.
Chamber with manual turntable (Ø1000mm), spray register, spray gun,
Compressed air gun. Extraction with separator LOSMA Darwin 600 (600m³ / h)

Technical details and information subject to amendments and errors.


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